Training Customer Comments

"Certainly my colleagues who experienced your workshop have discussed the content of your session, and have utilised several of your techniques to understand and manage stress since attending the workshop. I am sure that the nurses that attended will have all done the same, as the level of engagement in the room was wonderful to witness and we believe your session was valuable to everyone that attended."

"As a Charity Education Training & Employment Co-ordinator, I have worked closely with Dawn on 6 workshops. I have found her to be an excellent communicator in her training approach, bringing new ideas to the workshops and inspiring our service users as well as adapting to the participant’s needs. Her ability to tailor the workshops on the spot is a great skill in itself. Participants that took part in the Confidence, Employment, Managing Money and Stress workshops have all said they have gained positive outcomes from the experience and would take part in them again.

As a business associate, Dawn is punctual, reliable and creative. She is an asset to work with and I would not hesitate to work alongside her again."

"As a Support Services Coordinator working for a charity based across Hampshire and Surrey, and having worked with Dawn over the last two years, it is always a pleasure asking her to run workshops for our service users. Her skills as both a Life Coach and a Trainer mean that the workshops she runs for us are always pitched at exactly the right level for our client base, and she is always able to match our training needs and our client’s expectations. Her flexibility to ‘evolve’ the workshops as the sessions are underway, and her understanding of the requirements of both us as an organisation and of the attending clients, makes her trainings enjoyable, relaxed and relevant. I would be happy to recommend her as both an exceptional Trainer and an empathetic Life Coach, and look forward to working with her again in the future."

"I thought your session was perfect, a bit longer would have been good, maybe another time.....?!

Dawn's Stress Management workshop really hit the right note - she helped us identify the damage that living constantly with high stress levels is doing to our bodies, both physically and psychologically. Her tips to manage the high expectations we have of ourselves were a breath of fresh air - pointing out that the world will not implode if we take some well needed time off, and also helped us to understand that we need to take care of ourselves if we are to care for others. The 'quick hit' relaxation exercises are great (I've already put them to good use and they really work!). All in all a fabulous session, and time well spent investing in our future well being. "

Coaching Customer Comments

"Sometime ago I found myself completely overwhelmed at work to the point that my effectiveness deteriorated which affected my confidence in going forward. I had always been curious about the benefits of coaching and in particular, 'life coaching'. That is when I searched the web and found Dawn Fiske from Milestone Training & Coaching.

From the very first session Dawn was able to put me at ease and guide me through personal actions to help me focus on the things that matter. Dawn was extremely professional, patient and never judgemental. I highly recommend anyone that has lost professional direction to give coaching a god, it worked for me!"

"Many thanks for our discussions – I have found them to be immensely helpful.

As a person with a history of low self confidence and one given to ‘negative spiral’ thinking, the techniques you taught me have really helped me to identify and arrest the sequence of destructive and unhelpful thoughts. The simple realization that ‘you just don’t need’ such thoughts has validated for me the affirmation techniques you showed me.

I have already been able to put these techniques into good use and on several occasions I have been able successfully to ‘squash’ the old familiar negative thoughts in their tracks! Thanks once again and best wishes."

"I was looking for some help in focusing my job search after a career change, I found Milestone Coaching and Dawn got back to me very quickly when I initially contacted her. Within a couple of days we had had the first session and she helped me to narrow my search, come up with a strategy, and improve my CV. When I did get an interview, we were able to arrange a session at short notice and covered some really helpful tips for interview technique. Overall, I would thoroughly recommend Milestone Coaching to anyone who is looking for help in their job search."

"When I first came to see you I thought my life was a mess, full of missed opportunities. You enabled me to see that I had a long list of positive attributes and a wealth of life experience. I now feel able to move forward with confidence and optimism. In fact, I feel like a flower unfolding: who knows what may happen next?  Many thanks for your charming and sensible approach – no slushy sentimentality and no psychobabble! "

"I have worked with Dawn for a fantastic 9 months. She is understanding, supportive, and ultimately been a massive help in getting me through a very uncertain time in my life; so much so that when I moved 500 miles away, I continued to be coached by her over Skype on a weekly basis. If you need the courage to move forward, call Dawn and let her help you find it within yourself."

"Having lived with a few personal 'demons' through most of my working career, I was determined to overcome them; so at the same time as I left my old job for a new one, I contacted Dawn to help me along. After only a short time I noticed a positive difference, my personal 'demons' were rapidly diminishing and my confidence was building, I was starting to approach certain aspects of my life differently with positive results. I now feel a much happier, more confident person at work and at play, the difference in me is a very positive one and down to my excellent decision in choosing an obviously very talented lady in her field to coach me into this position. Thank you Dawn."

"A big thank you to Milestone Coaching for providing a thought provoking and confidence boosting workshop. I came away feeling energised and focused on future projects. Dawn is a skilled, enthusiastic coach and ensured the group worked through any problems they had in a safe environment. Definitely would recommend this company."

"I just want to say thank you, I honestly feel like you made such a difference to me in so many ways. The confidence, the way I shyed away or thought I wasn’t 'senior enough to talk to others', I do not feel like that anymore. Everything has been going so well, and you've taught me how to deal with situations that may arise. I was upset about the sharepoint site I mentioned, and I have kept that going, organised meetings, set up a project tracker, and I feel like I have taken the lead a little bit. I would recommend coaching to everyone, because it helped me in more ways than the reason I requested. You have just been fantastic!"

Dawn Fiske