Return to Work Workshop

A 4 hour session for anyone seeking help and advice on getting back to work.

Location: Basingstoke
Date: Weekends tbc
Cost: £50 per person
Time: 9am - 1pm

Please email for details of next session


Need help getting your career back on track?

Career Coach, Dawn Fiske, offers very personal one to one coaching and group "Return to Work" workshops.

Are you...

Do you want to...

If any of these situations apply to you then Dawn can help - she has successfully coached many clients to find their dream role!

Our approach...

Dawn offers a range of approaches either on a 1-2-1 or group basis. To help you decide what's best for you she always offers a FREE 30 minute consultation.

"Return to Work" workshops

If you are looking to return to work then "Return to Work" Workshops cover a range of subjects, including:

Contact Dawn to discuss how she can help you and arrange your FREE, completely confidential 30 minute consultation.

email: tel: 01256 389600 mob: 07855 743337

Some feedback from those who have benefited...

"I went to see Dawn after making the decision to take redundancy from my employer. After four sessions with Dawn, I had the confidence and knowledge of how to tackle my new career. Within two weeks from my final session I was starting my new job." June 2011

"Initially I was apprehensive about coaching, I didn't know what to expect or what it was I really wanted. But after a year of unsuccessfully applying for jobs I decided to give it a try.

I found Dawn through the internet; her website was very impressive and of all I'd looked at my gut feeling was she would be the one to contact. She also offered a free introductory session which is always appealing! After leaving her a message she came back to me really quickly, I liked the fact that she was willing to come and see me at home and on a Saturday.

I found her very friendly and after the initial nerves had passed I felt comfortable talking to her. I found it difficult at first to know what I was looking for or what my skills actually are but after some prompting she helped me start thinking logically and I started to come up with ideas. She also helped me be more aware of how I used my inner voice, so I made a conscious effort to be more positive with myself. I followed her advice after the first session and agreed to see her again to follow up with my 'homework'.

A week after I had met her I came across a job advert that I wanted to apply for, which really helped me get motivated. After the second session I felt a lot more positive and focused and ready to re-do my CV from a completely different perspective. Dawn was happy for me to send her draughts of my CV and the application letter until I had it right, I felt confident in the suggestions she made and I am now happy with my new, improved CV. The great thing is that this has resulted in my first interview for over a year, which I'm really excited about. Without Dawn I don't think I would be in the same situation. Now I would definitely recommend coaching and wouldn't hesitate to contact Dawn again if I ever needed to." May 2011

"Working with Dawn has been a gift. She has given me insights and practical tools to help me communicate more effectively, manage organisational change and gain clarity on my personal and professional goals. Working with Dawn has made a significant impact on my day-to-day working life. Prior to our sessions I was investigating opportunities outside the organisation and now feel more confident and committed to staying with my present company. I know many people who are unsatisfied in their work environment and feel lucky to be working for a company that invests in its staff and offers a service such as Dawn's coaching." March 2011

"At the end of each session I have left with a number of actions which have been time bound, and each new session begins with a progress update on these actions. Whilst it is up to me to carry out these actions, I feel that I have assigned more attention to these items, due to the fact that I am discussing the outcomes with somebody by a given date. Because these actions are actually making it onto my to-do list, I am pro-actively taking positive steps towards progressing my career, evaluating my options, and developing as an individual.

Through the programme, I have been challenged to really drill down into my thinking with regards to my career progression, and I have learnt that this is a very important and valuable exercise, and one which prior to entering the programme, I had not allocated nearly enough time/effort to.

I have, during the coaching program, identified how I feel about my long term career path, acknowledged a gap in my CV with regards to meeting that end, and have begun to take steps towards filling that gap."
July 2011

Contact Dawn to discuss how she can help you and arrange your FREE, completely confidential 30 minute consultation.

email: tel: 01256 389600 mob: 07855 743337