About Dawn Fiske
BSc Psychology . NLP Practitioner . Qualified Coach & Trainer

Founder of the Milestone Training & Coaching Company, Dawn has been coaching and training individual and executive clients for more than fifteen years. She lives in Axford, North Hampshire with her partner and two young children.

Qualifications and Training:

Clients include:

Corporate Sector | Public Sector | Private Sector | Charity Sector | Senior Management | Sales Executives and Managers | NHS Management and Nursing Staff | Teachers and Students aged 12 - 18 | Private Individuals

Areas we cover:

Corporate Clients & Speaker Events - UK & Europe. Private Clients: Hants, Surrey, Berks, Dorset, Wilts & Bucks or Skype & Phone Coaching - Worldwide.

Client Comments:

“Working with Dawn has enabled me to understand myself far better than I have ever done before which has really improved my self confidence. I have discovered ways to assess the challenges I face (both big and small) and meet those challenges with a successful approach that really works for me.”

“Dawn helped me to develop clear strategies for dealing with major issues in my career that had been obstacles for a long time. Dawn did not provide the solutions for me but rather enabled me to identify the solutions for myself. I am now taking positive action to overcome these issues.”

“I started coaching with Dawn around 3 months ago because I wanted more confidence and more from my career. With her encouragement, support and coaching skills, I’ve started a journey that has begun to transform my whole life into what I really want it to be. I’m more confident, more focused and much happier in my life!”

“Dawn listens…,never judges my actions, always guides me to my own solutions, and likes to share my joy when it’s all worked out. No one is better at helping me get it all back in perspective.”

“I found Life Coaching a wonderful opportunity to reflect on my life, clarify my goals, and put them into action and have already enjoyed the results of the process in both my career, health and relationships. Dawn was fantastic throughout, and I feel that this reflection process would be a valuable exercise for most people.”

Dawn Fiske